Athena - From The Ashes

Chapter 0: Prelude


Middas, 21st of Sun’s Height, 573 Imperial Calendar

It was the sixth day of the 52nd Annual Magic Tournament, celebrating 52 years of the End of the Great War and rule under Emperor Titus, the Tournament was already in the middle of the Journeyman-rank rounds. The Imperial Arenan was filled with spectators from major cities across the globe, all able to arrive at the Citadel via the Teleportation Hub. The streets buzzed with the sounds of visiting citizens shopping for souvenirs, magical items, rarities, antiques and anything else not available at any other time or place.

It was during this time that Citadel, unknowingly and unforseeably, fell.

No one knows for sure, and of course no official record exists, how or why the Citadel fell. But everyone does agree on one thing: the destroyers of Citadel were Behemoths. Although only thought to be creatures of legend, no other explanation could be found for the raging typoons that suddenly engulfed the capital or the earthquakes that ravaged the earth and tore it assunder. And what few eyewitnesses remain claim that they saw colossal creatures rise from the earth and descend from the sky.

With no other way to escape, citizens were gathered in groups and sent quickly through the Teleportation Gates, with no pre-set destination or orginazation, nor even focus on certain teleportation gates on the receiving end, people were sent to destinations that were anywhere but the Citadel and it’s surrounding area.

Whatever groups that managed to get sent to or near towns or other cities were among the lucky ones. The rest: no one knows what became of them as no one stepped forward with the knowledge.

With the Heart of the Empire ravaged and destroyed, all illusions and actualities of Order and Law were annihilated and cast down. Chaos, looting and pillaging followed, with vast numbers of Bandits taking advantage of the situation, their numbers and foolhardiness growing by the day as they become more bold and desperate.

These are indeed dark times…



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