Athena - From The Ashes

Chapter 1: Not so Humble beginnings.

I’m writing down all the bullet points of what happened now while they are still fresh in my head and I shall embelish in time.

  • Bragi Falaffel and Rat-Mage decided to take up a contract with Mercenaries guild
  • arrived at guild and viewed contracts, deciding to take up one concerning disturbance at the water mill
  • Went to Merchant’s guild as it was established they could have more information, with this they were directed to a caravan that would be heading to the mill shortly
  • Went to the caravan, talked to the guard captain in charge of the operation before going to the market as there was spare time to pick up supplies and bait
  • journeyed with the caravan, detered some unknown ambushers en route
  • Talked to the head of the guards for more information, directed to Alchemist who was overseeing the autopsies of the victims – some of the injuries were consistant with that of a snake or lizard
  • Bragi took to taking watch at the walls, Rat-mage alarmed the wall before going to sleep, Falaffel went out into the woods to search for clues
  • Bragi heard something and threw a pebble he had cast light on out, which hit the dog abomination which then attacked, engaged it Falaffel joined and they killed it
  • Heard slithering so Bragi scaled the wall while falaffel dragged the dog to the gate
  • Rat-mage went to investigate the Alchemist’s lab to see where noise was coming from, discovered alchemist cowering, saved him from death by snake, fight ensued and they killed the two headed snake and kept the alchemist alive
  • Discovered alchemist was behind it all and handed him over to the guards before mage dissapeared and Bragi found the notes abotu creating the abominations



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