Athena - From The Ashes

Falafel's Letter Home

Letter to Steak le Tartare written in Noodli, the language of the Gourmads.


I pray to Gourmad that this letter reaches you.

I am well on my quest of seeking anma, and many events of importance have occurred since you sent me to the Citadel.

I was not to bake the cake during my visit, it would seem. Promptly after my arrival, the Citadel was attacked by an army of behemoths, beings of divine retribution. Whose retribution, I do not know. I managed to commandeer a rescue teleport gate, pretending to be a refugee. I ended up near Granicus, a town thousands of miles West of Citadel.

I have managed to gather a few battle-comrades, in order to hunt for anma. However, I have not yet shared with them the purpose of my search. While they are worthy battle-comrades, I would not call them friend-comrades, as I believe not all of them are worth their salt. Nonetheless, let Chilli con Na’vi add their names to those who helped Gourmad’s humble servants.

Bragi Whistler, a legitimate young faithful song master with a surname. He saved me many a times when I was in a pickle.

Ratmage. While he abandoned us for reasons unshared, I am grateful for his help and pray he gets his sauce straight.

Kaiso. This man has proven to be an evildoer on many occasions. I pray for him as well, so that Gourmad may forgive his cheesy evils.

Leslie, an arrowmaiden. Her expertise proved to be invaluable in righting wrongs. Write down something nutty for her as well.

The nameless oneshotter. While she seems to be proficient at dicing our enemies, I have not had the opportunity to exchange recipes and accolades.

The stove warden. An iron-clad priest we recently met. By how well she handles things, this I can say: things are cooking for her.

These adventurers have been invaluable battle-comrades. Together, we are known as… (here Falafel has made a page break)

The Order of the Stiick!!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to gather any of the sought after anma, but I believe I have Gourmad’s favor in my doings. I received a prophetic parcel, labeled “Schisch”. I know the legends, Schisch da Kebaab is one of the Paragons! Within the holy parcel was a compsognathus, a small fearless chicken dinosaur. This is not as potato as it may seem – recently I have been feeling within myself the affinity of a monster-master’s bond, just like “Eat You” Beans oond Naphtah. I have named the small fearless chicken dinosaur Schisch, to honor Gourmad’s holy gift. I have also decided to follow the ancient way and adopt Schisch as a divine familiar. May Gourmad’s providence reach me through that small fearless chicken dinosaur!

As I am writing this, I am getting ready to leave for our next mission – investigate disappearances in Cerberus Forest and appearances in the Mountains.
I shall be ever-vigilant for anma.

Falafel evn Döner

Hvala Gourmad!



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