Athena - From The Ashes


Hello, good evening, and welcome to the magical world of Athena!

As any game should be, Athena’s history and future is changed depending on the whims of the players. These changes can range from minor, such as the inclusion of a family, to game-changing, such as the presence of magic.
Likewise, the progression of the game will depend on the players; the party can stay in a city for a while and perform minor quests or they can go out and explore areas once thought lost. There is no one set path, as the players can decide how they will act and behave, with the game world reacting accordingly.
However, this does not mean that the players are the only ones making changes in Athena, for Athena is a vast place with events taking place all over the planet. It is also the choice of the party to play the heros, the villans or somewhere inbetween.

I, the GM, will keep this campaign up to date; however, that does not mean I shall be taking credit for everything, as the players play just as an important role as the GM does. As such, I will be rewarding powerful and game-changing Replay Points to certain players who outdo themselves in helping with the campaign.
The first chance of earning one of these points is by writing the first chapter of the adventure. However, effort must be taken into writing these chapters, as I will not simply reward them for coming up with a four-sentenced bullet-point log of the session.

Your time limit is 6pm, the day before the next session takes place. After that, I shall be writing the chapter myself and denying any of you your chance at a bonus point. If I have to do so too many times, I myself will gain access to a GM point (just to give you an incentive).

As I have said, I reward creativity; this means that a lovingly detailed adventure log that reads like a journal or an inspiring background of a character will be both appreciated and rewarded, not just in Replay Points but perhaps also in an item you wish to create for your character.

Happy Hunting!



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