Athena - From The Ashes

So an elf and a bard walk into a bar…

‘Hey, Bragi…’

‘Yes, Falafel?’

‘An orc warlord was marching his entire army to Citadel…’

‘Wait, is this a joke?’

‘So they were passing an old abandoned city when they heard a voice from within the ancient city’s walls:
“One Dwarf is better than ten orc soldiers!”
The captain was enraged and immediately sent ten of his best orcs over the walls, while the remainder of the army waited outside. Then came the sounds of a terrific fight going on and soon all was quiet.
Then the voice spoke again:
“One Dwarven soldier is better than a hundred orc soldiers!”
Well, the captain sent a hundred of his best men over the walls. Soon there were the sounds of a fight and then silence.
The voice spoke up again:
“One Dwarven soldier is better than a thousand orc soldiers!”
The captain was furious! He immediately sent the remainder of his troops over the walls, save only himself. There came the sounds of a fierce battle, and then silence followed by the sound of a dwarf laughing. Finally, a lone orc stumbled out of the ancient city and collapsed at the warlord’s feet.
“Speak! What happened?” asked the captain.
The soldier replied with his dying breath,
“It…was..a trap….there’s…TWO…of…them…..”’



‘There are no dwarves here.’

‘Whatever you say, Bragi. Whatever you say.’



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