Athena - From The Ashes


Hello, good evening, and welcome to the magical world of Athena!

As any game should be, Athena’s history and future is changed depending on the whims of the players. These changes can range from minor, such as the inclusion of a family, to game-changing, such as the presence of magic.
Likewise, the progression of the game will depend on the players; the party can stay in a city for a while and perform minor quests or they can go out and explore areas once thought lost. There is no one set path, as the players can decide how they will act and behave, with the game world reacting accordingly.
However, this does not mean that the players are the only ones making changes in Athena, for Athena is a vast place with events taking place all over the planet. It is also the choice of the party to play the heros, the villans or somewhere inbetween.

I, the GM, will keep this campaign up to date; however, that does not mean I shall be taking credit for everything, as the players play just as an important role as the GM does. As such, I will be rewarding powerful and game-changing Replay Points to certain players who outdo themselves in helping with the campaign.
The first chance of earning one of these points is by writing the first chapter of the adventure. However, effort must be taken into writing these chapters, as I will not simply reward them for coming up with a four-sentenced bullet-point log of the session.

Your time limit is 6pm, the day before the next session takes place. After that, I shall be writing the chapter myself and denying any of you your chance at a bonus point. If I have to do so too many times, I myself will gain access to a GM point (just to give you an incentive).

As I have said, I reward creativity; this means that a lovingly detailed adventure log that reads like a journal or an inspiring background of a character will be both appreciated and rewarded, not just in Replay Points but perhaps also in an item you wish to create for your character.

Happy Hunting!

Chapter 0: Prelude


Middas, 21st of Sun’s Height, 573 Imperial Calendar

It was the sixth day of the 52nd Annual Magic Tournament, celebrating 52 years of the End of the Great War and rule under Emperor Titus, the Tournament was already in the middle of the Journeyman-rank rounds. The Imperial Arenan was filled with spectators from major cities across the globe, all able to arrive at the Citadel via the Teleportation Hub. The streets buzzed with the sounds of visiting citizens shopping for souvenirs, magical items, rarities, antiques and anything else not available at any other time or place.

It was during this time that Citadel, unknowingly and unforseeably, fell.

No one knows for sure, and of course no official record exists, how or why the Citadel fell. But everyone does agree on one thing: the destroyers of Citadel were Behemoths. Although only thought to be creatures of legend, no other explanation could be found for the raging typoons that suddenly engulfed the capital or the earthquakes that ravaged the earth and tore it assunder. And what few eyewitnesses remain claim that they saw colossal creatures rise from the earth and descend from the sky.

With no other way to escape, citizens were gathered in groups and sent quickly through the Teleportation Gates, with no pre-set destination or orginazation, nor even focus on certain teleportation gates on the receiving end, people were sent to destinations that were anywhere but the Citadel and it’s surrounding area.

Whatever groups that managed to get sent to or near towns or other cities were among the lucky ones. The rest: no one knows what became of them as no one stepped forward with the knowledge.

With the Heart of the Empire ravaged and destroyed, all illusions and actualities of Order and Law were annihilated and cast down. Chaos, looting and pillaging followed, with vast numbers of Bandits taking advantage of the situation, their numbers and foolhardiness growing by the day as they become more bold and desperate.

These are indeed dark times…

Chapter 1: Not so Humble beginnings.

I’m writing down all the bullet points of what happened now while they are still fresh in my head and I shall embelish in time.

  • Bragi Falaffel and Rat-Mage decided to take up a contract with Mercenaries guild
  • arrived at guild and viewed contracts, deciding to take up one concerning disturbance at the water mill
  • Went to Merchant’s guild as it was established they could have more information, with this they were directed to a caravan that would be heading to the mill shortly
  • Went to the caravan, talked to the guard captain in charge of the operation before going to the market as there was spare time to pick up supplies and bait
  • journeyed with the caravan, detered some unknown ambushers en route
  • Talked to the head of the guards for more information, directed to Alchemist who was overseeing the autopsies of the victims – some of the injuries were consistant with that of a snake or lizard
  • Bragi took to taking watch at the walls, Rat-mage alarmed the wall before going to sleep, Falaffel went out into the woods to search for clues
  • Bragi heard something and threw a pebble he had cast light on out, which hit the dog abomination which then attacked, engaged it Falaffel joined and they killed it
  • Heard slithering so Bragi scaled the wall while falaffel dragged the dog to the gate
  • Rat-mage went to investigate the Alchemist’s lab to see where noise was coming from, discovered alchemist cowering, saved him from death by snake, fight ensued and they killed the two headed snake and kept the alchemist alive
  • Discovered alchemist was behind it all and handed him over to the guards before mage dissapeared and Bragi found the notes abotu creating the abominations
Falafel's Letter Home

Letter to Steak le Tartare written in Noodli, the language of the Gourmads.


I pray to Gourmad that this letter reaches you.

I am well on my quest of seeking anma, and many events of importance have occurred since you sent me to the Citadel.

I was not to bake the cake during my visit, it would seem. Promptly after my arrival, the Citadel was attacked by an army of behemoths, beings of divine retribution. Whose retribution, I do not know. I managed to commandeer a rescue teleport gate, pretending to be a refugee. I ended up near Granicus, a town thousands of miles West of Citadel.

I have managed to gather a few battle-comrades, in order to hunt for anma. However, I have not yet shared with them the purpose of my search. While they are worthy battle-comrades, I would not call them friend-comrades, as I believe not all of them are worth their salt. Nonetheless, let Chilli con Na’vi add their names to those who helped Gourmad’s humble servants.

Bragi Whistler, a legitimate young faithful song master with a surname. He saved me many a times when I was in a pickle.

Ratmage. While he abandoned us for reasons unshared, I am grateful for his help and pray he gets his sauce straight.

Kaiso. This man has proven to be an evildoer on many occasions. I pray for him as well, so that Gourmad may forgive his cheesy evils.

Leslie, an arrowmaiden. Her expertise proved to be invaluable in righting wrongs. Write down something nutty for her as well.

The nameless oneshotter. While she seems to be proficient at dicing our enemies, I have not had the opportunity to exchange recipes and accolades.

The stove warden. An iron-clad priest we recently met. By how well she handles things, this I can say: things are cooking for her.

These adventurers have been invaluable battle-comrades. Together, we are known as… (here Falafel has made a page break)

The Order of the Stiick!!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to gather any of the sought after anma, but I believe I have Gourmad’s favor in my doings. I received a prophetic parcel, labeled “Schisch”. I know the legends, Schisch da Kebaab is one of the Paragons! Within the holy parcel was a compsognathus, a small fearless chicken dinosaur. This is not as potato as it may seem – recently I have been feeling within myself the affinity of a monster-master’s bond, just like “Eat You” Beans oond Naphtah. I have named the small fearless chicken dinosaur Schisch, to honor Gourmad’s holy gift. I have also decided to follow the ancient way and adopt Schisch as a divine familiar. May Gourmad’s providence reach me through that small fearless chicken dinosaur!

As I am writing this, I am getting ready to leave for our next mission – investigate disappearances in Cerberus Forest and appearances in the Mountains.
I shall be ever-vigilant for anma.

Falafel evn Döner

Hvala Gourmad!

So an elf and a bard walk into a bar…

‘Hey, Bragi…’

‘Yes, Falafel?’

‘An orc warlord was marching his entire army to Citadel…’

‘Wait, is this a joke?’

‘So they were passing an old abandoned city when they heard a voice from within the ancient city’s walls:
“One Dwarf is better than ten orc soldiers!”
The captain was enraged and immediately sent ten of his best orcs over the walls, while the remainder of the army waited outside. Then came the sounds of a terrific fight going on and soon all was quiet.
Then the voice spoke again:
“One Dwarven soldier is better than a hundred orc soldiers!”
Well, the captain sent a hundred of his best men over the walls. Soon there were the sounds of a fight and then silence.
The voice spoke up again:
“One Dwarven soldier is better than a thousand orc soldiers!”
The captain was furious! He immediately sent the remainder of his troops over the walls, save only himself. There came the sounds of a fierce battle, and then silence followed by the sound of a dwarf laughing. Finally, a lone orc stumbled out of the ancient city and collapsed at the warlord’s feet.
“Speak! What happened?” asked the captain.
The soldier replied with his dying breath,
“It…was..a trap….there’s…TWO…of…them…..”’



‘There are no dwarves here.’

‘Whatever you say, Bragi. Whatever you say.’

So an elf and a bard walk into a bar… II

“Hey, Bragi!”

“Yes, Flaflel?”

“How many dwarves does it take to kill a dragon?”

“Flafel, again, I am not a dwarf.”

“How many?”

“Alright, I don’t know?

“Dwarves can’t kill a dragon. They need a hobbit to do it for them.”

“What’s a hobbit?”

“A hobbit’s a h… bah, forget it!”


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