Missing Foresters

Quest Objective(s)

Primary Objective(s) – 50 gold per forester

  • Find missing Foresters and bring them back to Granicus – COMPLETED!
  • Recover evidence of Foresters death and bring it back to Granicus – COMPLETED!

Secondary Objective(s) – 300 gold each

  1. Investigate reason behind disappearances/deaths
  2. Find safe way of bypassing cause
    Eliminate hostiles responsible
  3. Investigate and eliminate any and all bandit presence, as well as recovering evidence of presence – COMPLETED!

Additional Information
Number of missing Foresters: 13
Quest takers will only be given reward when all missing Cerberus Foresters are recovered.
Quest takers are advised to exercise caution and to not journey too far into Cerberus Forest.
Quest takers are advised against spilling wildlife blood as to avoid carrion feeders.

Quest Accomplished!


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