Giants Presence

Quest Objective(s)

Primary Objective(s) – 1000 goldCOMPLETED!

  • Investigate the sightings of giants in the mountains
  • Investigate reasons behind new sightings
  • Discover a safe passage through the mountains and draw a map of the area

Secondary Objective(s)

  • Establish Diplomatic Relations with the giants in order to purchase safe passage/trade routes – 1000 goldCOMPLETED!
  • Eliminate giants if they pose a threat to Granicus (LEAST FAVORABLE OPTION) – 400 gold

Giants are known to be extremely dangerous to those encroaching on their territory.
Giants are known to heard animals for livestock and produce. Do NOT approach or endanger livestock to avoid aggression from giants.
Do NOT provoke giants into attacking before every other option has been explored and exhausted.
Friendly Relations between giants is the most favorable outcome, Merchant’s Guild eager to establish trade relations.

Quest Completed!


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