Broken bow   thieves guild hideout

The Broken Bow


Hidden well underground, amongst the city’s ancient underground sewage system, the Broken Bow was never really a frequented tavern. In fact, one could hardly argue that it is or even was a tavern at all, but the Thieves Guild prefered to “meet up at the tavern”, as “meet up in the sewers” just sounds rank.

It does not take much to notice that the place is in shambles: thieves sleep in bedrolls, there are no treasures to be seen, passages are blocked off and the central cistern is full of very unpleasant smelling liquid. It seems like the latest disasters throughout the planet has hit this Thieves Guild hard.
Looking through the mass of thieves in this place doesn’t give much hope for the future of the Thieves Guild, as most of them look like slightly better behaved thugs. You believe it’s a miracle that the Guild Master has managed to keep these ragtags together for so long, but a change definitely has to be made.
A proper look around the cistern reveals that the place is in extremely bad shape; as in it could collapse if someone sneezed too hard. Either the Thieves are going to have to find a new place to hide, or someone is going to have to make n investment into engineers and constructors to get this place back into stable shape.
Talking with the Guild Master, you find that he is desperate need for investment to improve their situation. Relocation might also come to mind, but the setting up of their old trade routes is vital for their survival. Maybe the trade with the Giants would come in handy…

After the party cleric, Trora, started purifying the waters in the cistern, the dirty water became purified and drinkable. This ensured that water wouldn’t be the Thieves primary concern, at least or a little while, as large amounts of the water gets pumped into this cistern from broken pipes.


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