Note: Immunity to criticals still applies in these cases.

Confirming a critical hit (Melee or Ranged)

Upon landing a critical hit, if the attacker (Party or NPC) rolls a natural 20 on the critical confirmation, they gain an additional attack roll that gives them the possibility to kill their opponent instantly. On this attack roll, no modifier is added. If another natural 20 is obtained, the target is slain instantly. Any other roll targets a different part of the body, as well as a normal critical hit

Dice Result Area Affected
1 Normal Critical
2-3 A Random Eye
4 A Random Ear
5 Main Hand
6-7 Main Arm
8 Off Hand
9-10 Off Arm
11-13 Torso
14-15 Main Leg
16-17 Off Leg
18-19 Face
20 Instant Kill

Confirming a critical miss

When a character rolls a natural 1 on their attack, they must roll another d20 (no modifiers) to see what effects will happen (no attack roll is made to confirm attacking themselves).

Dice Result Fumble Effect
1-6 Ranged: Attack failed with no additional effect.
Melee: Attack failed with no additional effect.
7-9 Ranged: Attack targets a random square adjacent to the target, with the exceptions of those behind it.
Melee: Your footwork fails you and you only manage to hit another random character adjacent to you (other than the initial target). This can make you hit allies.
10-12 Ranged: You fumble with your shot and release it too early, expending it without effect.
Melee: You drop any melee weapon you have. In addition, your failed attack creates a big opening that an adjacent enemy can exploit. One adjacent enemy at you gains an Attack of Opportunity against you.
13-15 Ranged: You injure your hand trying to shoot. Your shot is wasted and you cannot perform any more attacks this turn.
Melee: Your footwork fails you so badly that you end up prone on the ground.
16-18 Ranged: Weapon is dropped in the character’s square. Remaining attacks cannot be performed.
Melee: You twist your ankle and fall on the ground. In addition, you become slowed for 1d4 rounds and drop your melee weapon.
19-20 Ranged: Your weapon’s drawing mechanism breaks. You must spend a full-round action trying to redraw it and must succeed a DC10 Strength check. Remaining attacks cannot be performed.
Melee: You trip on yourself, falling prone on the ground and taking 1d6 points of damage. In addition, all enemies adjacent to you gain an Attack of Opportunity against you.


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