The Lost Temples


The exterior of a Temple has stone steps leading up to a portico, with simple columns supporting a small extended roof set in line of eight symmetrical pillars. The doors leading to the interior are made of a dark wood with metal fittings of intricate patterns of an almost random layout. The interior itself is rather sparse, with simple, parallel stone benches flanking the centre walkway, which in turn leads to the altar suspended on a dais at the far end of the high-ceilinged room. On the altar itself is the sculpture of a woman clad in robes, an open book in her right hand, clutched near her side, and her left palm extended openly, her face is either worn away or was simply left without detailing.


Very little detail is known about the Lost Temples; in fact, so little is known about them that they are considered far and wide to be myths and fantasies conjured up by the minds of those deemed to be foolish adventurers. The former Emperor downplayed the existence of the Lost Temples, and indeed, any rumours or suggestions of their existence were quickly downplayed and quashed by the feared Inquisitors; these were done to such an extent that those who had previously sworn to have seen or visited said Temples would publicly denounce their own previous statements, as well as any others confirming their existence.

It is unknown if the Temple in Cerberus Forest is indeed one of these fables, or just some ancient ruin which looks like a temple and therefore creates confusion among those who have laid eyes on them before.


The Lost Temple located in the Cerberus Forest is actually a Library, dedicated to the Goddess Aethyta, masquerading as a Temple; the reason being that the Old Empire was focused heavily on religion and any knowledge they deemed “heretical” was to be destroyed, along with those who supported said knowledge.

The Temple to Aethyta was built on top of the Cerberus Library by the now unknown Elysium Confederation as a ploy to hide their knowledge from the Keridiani Inquisitors. While the Elysians themselves were not religious, they did respect any religions that any brought forward to their lands on the condition that do not force others to share the same views and that the Elysians’ views would be respected as well; as such, Aethyta was not technically a deity but was considered to be such a powerful and all-knowing individual as to be as close to a deity as possible, given that she was an Ancient Dragon who helped the Elysium Confederation first get on its feet.

According to recovered knowledge within the library itself, any man or mer could enter the library and read whichever books they desired and were even offered shared sleeping quarters for those on long journeys or simply wanting to gather as much knowledge as they wanted before continuing on their journey; the conditions for this were that the books were to remain within the library itself (books could be requisitioned for copying) and that the library and all its inhabitants/residents were to be respected as if they were their own relatives.

Additionally, it appears that the Cerberus Forest was actually far smaller than it is currently, however the Elysians expanded the Forest as they believed that it had been reduced by a different culture that came before them; their plans were in fact going into detail of how far they could extend the Forest’s biome without causing any negative impact on the environment, and while they had already come up with effective methods of rapidly regrowing cut down trees and safely expanding the Forest’s biome, their research had been cut short before it could continue.

Recovered Knowledge

  • Advanced Agriculture and Geological Analysis
  • Advanced Arcana and Crystal Tuning
  • Airship designs and Crystal-powered sailing ships
  • Astronomical Mathematics
  • Crystal Projectile Weaponry
  • Dead Languages
  • Elysian Dictionary (Linguistics required to translate into modern Imperial)


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