Annual Magic Tournament

Held once a year starting on the third Fredas of Sun’s Height, the Annual Magic Tournament was created to celebrate Emperor Titus’ rise to the throne and the end of the Great War, consisting of multiple matches at various levels of magical competence, split into five different ranks.
If one does not meet a certain requisite of magical competence, they are not allowed to enter (for safety reasons). Additionally, once someone has been put into a certain rank, they are not allowed to rise or fall in rank until the next competition. Cheating is also strictly forbidden, such as faking results during the preliminaries, in order to not only protect those attempting to seem more powerful, but to protect those who may fall victim to mages posing as weaker ones for easy victories.
The main attraction for the vast number of mages participating is not just the fame for getting first place in their rank, although that does play a large part, it is the rewards that the winner receives; the prize money increases as the rank level increases, of course. Mages who have acheived a certain rank can be offered an admission in the Arcane University. Only the winner will receive any consolation, so competition is of course fierce further into the matches.
In order to have some semblance of rules, and not just mages running around until the time ticks over, low-level competitors are required to stay within a pre-set circle, with the goal being to knock the opponent out of their ring while countering any attempts made by the opposition. As the ranks increase, the size of the circle increases as direct line-of-sight becomes less of an issue.


  • C – Apprentice
  • B – Journeyman
  • A – Adept

C Rank – Apprentice

The most common and numerous of the competitors, Apprentice rounds usually last one minute (two minutes being the longest match recorded), being grouped in the initial matches in teams of two-on-two and then one-on-one matches. The team set-up is vital, as otherwise the Apprentice rounds would take at least a week to complete them all by themselves. Additionally, teams are set up so that the mages compliment each other.

Prerequisite(s): Must be able to cast at least 2nd level spells
Rule(s): Competitors must remain within individual circles of 5-foot radius
Prize: 1’000gp, 4’000gp in magic items

B Rank – Journeyman

Getting slightly more serious, as the powers of the competitors go up, the number of competitors compared to Apprentice ranks are about 60%. Most mages who enter this rank are enrolled in one magical college or another, with the matches lasting up to 5 minutes. Although their numbers are more reasonable, they still are enrolled in double-teams in order to increase effectiveness and deal with most mages’ reliability on teammates.

Prerequisite(s): Must be able to cast up to 3rd level spells and have magic items that increase their proficiency
Rule(s): Competitors must remain within team circle of 20-foot radius and no summoning allowed
Prize: 3’000gp, 12’000gp in magic items

A Rank – Adept

Reaching the top of the list of those who learned their craft through arcanic education, Adepts number in the 20% compared to Apprentices. Being able to hold their own with little reliance on mundane backup, Adepts call upon outside help by summoning monsters and powerful spells to decimate their enemy. In order to compensate for the increased destructive power, the size of the ring is increased to half of the arena floor, with only summoned creatures allowed to step into the opponent’s ring. Stricter enforcement is also taken with magic capabilities, as to avoid uneven fights. Fights can end up lasting up to 20 minutes.

Prerequisite(s): Must have numerous magic items increasing their magical abilities and be able to cast up to 5th level spells and summon creatures of up to class IV, or able to cast up to 4th level spells and summon creatures of up to class VI
Rule(s): Competitor must stay within their half of the arena, avoid stepping out of the ring, may have only one summoned creature at a time and the first action of both competitors has to be summoning a creature
Prize: 8’000gp, 56’000gp in magic items, letter of admission into the Arcane University


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