Players can earn powerful Replay Points (hereafter refered to as RPs) by doing specific and optional tasks. RPs are different from Bonus Points, in that instead of simply rerolling a botched roll, one can decide that the GM rolls back time.
As these are exceptionally useful for dangerous situations, they do have their drawbacks; one can’t use them too often (maximum once every two real-time hours) and one has to consider the rest of the party. For if the RP system is abused (as it also makes everyone else have to do their actions over), it will annoy all the other players, and if abused for no good reason, like failing to pick a lock, it will cause irritation for everyone.

Replay times:

  • In Combat – 1 round (back to just as declaring player’s previous move finished)
  • Out of Combat – 1 minute/10 rounds


  • RPs can only be used once every ingame 24 hours
  • RPs can only be issued by the GM for exceptional performances or specified tasks
  • Likewise, the GM may decide to strip a player of their ownership of RPs if the system is abused
  • RPs can be contributed to a “pool” that can be used by all players; however, only the player who earned said points has the right to “donate” and may not be forced by other players
  • RPs donated to the “pool” can only be used a minimum of 30 ingame minutes later and the “pool” has a maximum capacity of 1 RP
  • RPs donated to the “pool” may not be used by the player who donated said point, although they may decide whether or not it may be used
  • RPs can be used to reattempt a series of bad rolls or even try other methods(such as attempting to fight out of a situation instead of trying Diplomacy)
  • RPs cannot be used to reroll a situation that is unforseeable (e.g. a bridge suddenly collapsing)
  • RPs have to be declared properly and at a right time stamp (e.g. cannot simply say that it should be rerolled to just after an exceptional series of rolls from another player)
  • RPs cannot be traded for any in-game items or favors
  • RPs may only be issued at a maximum of 3 per player (those donated do not count against limit)
  • RPs may be executed right up until the beginning of the declarer’s new turn (once an action is declared, timestamp is reset)


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