Stork well   tavern map

The Stork Well


Situated just inside the main gate of Granicus, the Stork Well is a well-known tavern run by five sisters that have been officially allowed to toss any obnoxious patrons off of the second-floor balcony.
While not having any official capacity to take in wanderers and vagabonds for the night, they owners are quite happy, for a fee of course, to provide sleeping space near the fire for those with nowhere else to go.

For those willing to pay the fees, one can rent out a chest to store extra valuables for extended periods of time, take a bath in a tub outside (price depending if wanted hot or cold), receive a massage from one of the owners (nothing else) or pay for stabling, with included grooming and feeding.


  • Sleeping space, floor – 2cp
  • Sleeping space, floor, next to fire – 5cp


  • Clear Soup – 2cp
  • Vegetable Broth – 3cp
  • Stew – 5cp
  • Oyster Soup – 2sp
  • Boiled Eels – 2sp
  • Whole Local Cheese – 1gp
  • Bread & Butter Pudding – 3cp


  • Chest for hire – 4sp
  • Bath, cold (hot) – 2cp (6cp)
  • Massage – 1sp
  • Stabling with grooming & feeding – 2sp


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